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We offer personalized care and ongoing. Case study and treat their peculiarities strictly and efficiently. We offer various services: commercial, civil, criminal, administrative ... among others.

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  • Fiscal and Tax

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Who we are

ENSIS LAWYERS is a firm made ​​up of five professionals from the right

We have a large external team of notaries, court attorneys, economists, auditors, forensic specialists and experts, and other professionals knowledgeable about the legal, tax, accounting and labor.

Our team assists clients from the initial consultation to the day of the performance and monitoring of all types of matter.

  • Preventive service
  • Tranquility
  • All kinds of issues

That means ENSIS?

As the name suggests, means ENSIS sword characteristic symbol of our office when it comes to defending the interests of our clients.

How we define ourselves?

We define ourselves as a professional and open office where all areas of law develop. We also offer preventive services to resolve all types of issues before they occur.

Why us? 

Provides customer with personalized attention and ongoing treatment, we studied the issue strictly and efficiently. The courts are the last resort to defend their interests, our primary objective is the extrajudicial settlement of disputes.
The firm gives absolute priority to the training of its lawyers, especialitzan day in court materials offered by each professional, and offering the highest quality service at the height of our customers.
Schedule tailored to your needs, arranging visits outside normal business hours in the interest of the client and spend all our time and effort to solve the problems.


Our team

Our team defends their interests, offers a high level of professionalism and quality

Raúl Domínguez Torres

Lawyer criminal and commercial law

Cecília Ferrer Costa

Marriage and civil rights attorney

Juan Andrés Ibáñez Camposano

Lawyer criminal and administrative law

Aran Martinez Cardeñez

Attorney foreign law, labor and civil

Estela Torres Plaza

Specialist in Civil Law and Banking Law

Laura Carrasquer Ballesté

Specialist in Civil Law and Matrimonial Law

Francesc Cañizares Rute

Specialist in Labor Law and Social Security


Stay up to date on all the news of ENSIS lawyers and all the services we offer.

El nuevo delito de Zoofilia en el Código Penal

Feb 16, 2015

El nuevo Código Penal que está a punto de ser aprobado…


Oct 24, 2014

Preparation and realization of the accountancy books legalization of official issuance…

Prevention systems

Oct 24, 2014

We've added new prevention systems in our services work!

New service tax

Oct 24, 2014

Already offer continuous advice to companies, investments outside Spain, Spanish investments…

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